Michael Pilato: Mural Canyon
A Documentary Film

The documentary film "Mural Canyon," is the story of Michael Pilato, an established local artist, and his journey to create the mural “Inspiration Lycoming”.
This mural honors and reflects the absorbing personal stories of more than 350 people in Lycoming County's history set against
a backdrop of buildings that stand 50 feet tall and span over 360 feet in length, in downtown Williamsport, PA.

Inspiration Lycoming is a local version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame but instead of stars on the ground, it is portraits on a mural.
The mural will be one of the ten largest portraiture murals in the world--and the only one that we know of that has components of 3D--he paints in 3D!

The film will explore the central dilemma of communities today: How do we prosper without the pain of change?
Based on this our focus is; Will Williamsport embrace Michael and his idea of "change through Art?"

And, will the sustainability of the mural effect the development of our City which due to its economic and geographical isolation, has struggled to hang on as it catches on in pursuit of the economic prosperity that other cities with the brand identification equal to ours, have already realized?

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about the mural, "Inspiration Lycoming," not the making of the mural itself.